Wedding Toppers

A custom cake topper makes a great addition to any wedding! Nina will work with you to match clothes, color scheme, space considerations, and any other special requests.



This custom sculpture makes a great keepsake for years to come – and who wants to eat their cake topper anyway?


Feeling whimsical? Nina specializes in non-traditional toppers, including animal avatars or the happy couple dressed as their favorite fictional characters.

Don’t have a standard wedding cake? No problem! A table topper or music box with a personalized tune (subject to mechanism availability) makes a great standalone piece for display.

Pricing Tiers

Make it Great! – $100-$150

A great option for lovers of cute! Two figures, with or without a base. Figures will be sculpted in a simplified style. Bases include text of your choice.

Make it Awesome! – $200-$250

Let’s take this further! Figures will be sculpted in a semi-realistic style. Add an accessory – pets, vehicles, even a music box tune!

Make it Epic! – $300+

Pull out all the stops! Figures will be sculpted in a realistic style. Fabric clothing, real hair, music box with moving parts – let’s make it happen!

Want more information? Ready to make an order? Contact Nina via email at, or message her on Facebook @EclecticClay.