State of the Clay – April 2019 – Chasing My Own Tail

Happy April, everyone! I’m going to deviate from the normal SOC format for this blog update, so please bear with me if this feels a little disorganized.

The blog has been quiet the past few months, in spite of my promises to update it, and I apologize for that. Balancing the multiple roles required in running your own business can be overwhelming, and for me, social media posting is the first thing to go when I’m in over my head. Being an artist in the internet age seems to require a constant showmanship – putting your work and your self out there for people to see, relate to, and hopefully support. I can’t just be a great artist. I also have to be a good photographer, promoter, writer, and so many other things that don’t always come naturally. As I tend towards shy and awkward in my personality, this can be especially trying at times, when I’d rather put my head down, cover myself in glitter and clay, and avoid uncomfortable situations.

Through the past few years I’ve gained a lot of confidence in regards to my art, but putting myself out there – online, in stores, at shows – remains nerve-wracking. My art may be cute, sparkly, silly, and geeky, but it is something I take great pride in. It’s part of me, and relentlessly promoting and selling yourself is hard. All the same, there has never been a job that I have cared about more in my life. I want so very much to make it my full time occupation, to put more weird and colorful things in the world and find the people just like me, the people who see a robot or critter and light up.

The reality, however, is that Eclectic Clay can not yet be my main gig. With my family and my work at the theatre, I need to be flexible, to not hold myself to a goal of so many pieces a day, so many posts a month, so many shows a year. Building a schedule while remaining flexible is hard, and often feels like I’m chasing my tail; I can see where I want to be, I just can’t quite catch up.

What does that mean for Eclectic Clay? At the moment, it means I will break promises. I will fail to meet goals. I will disappear from the online (and real) world for day and weeks at a time as I try and fail and try again to balance my passions and my obligations. The important thing is that I will try. I will not stop trying to put out work that inspires a laugh, or awe, or an “awwwwwww!” I can’t always run this business the way I’d like, but I promise to keep showing up.

Thank you all so much for your support.