State of the Clay – January 2019 – Ambitions and Reality

The Artist 
January is always an odd month. After weeks working on holiday commissions, traveling to shows, and gatherings with family and friends, the beginning of each year is startlingly slow. There are few sales, and fewer shows to attend; it seems the whole world is temporarily “shopped out.” It gives an artist and business owner a lot of time to think.

My intentions are good at the beginning of each year. THIS time, I declare confidently, I’m going to take off, focus on getting organized, plan out the year! Inevitably, it ends with my studio covered in half-finished pieces, a pile of unsorted paperwork, and a general feeling of panic. I’m immediately out of focus, unsure which of the many small business jobs need my attention the most. This January was about as blurry as usual, but I’m doing my best to pin down my goals:

-Get and stay organized, both on the books and in the studio
-Fewer shows, to lower expenses and time away from family
-More online sales and social media outreach
-More show pieces – music boxes, larger sculptures

Most importantly, I want to keep track of the reason I make art – to find the people like me, with passions for things cute and sparkly and nerdy, and make something they can cherish.

The Art
With my inventory depleted, it’s a good time to stock back up on the basics. I’ll be working a lot on critter jewelry in the next few months, and even purchased a few indoor plants to get a jump start on mica leaves while there’s still snow on the ground. This year my jewelry will all be presented on custom necklace and earring cards!

Special thanks to Justin Blau for his continued help in logo design!

I’m trying to be a bit better on the seasonal merchandise front as well. I’ve added a holiday section to my shop that will change as needed for those looking for specific products. With Valentine’s in the near future, be sure to take a look!

Pride Heart Magnets

Where To Get It
Craft shows before Mother’s Day tend to be a lot more miss than hit, so I’ve made the decision to start my rotation in May. Never fear, you can still get your clay fix at:

This website, of course!
The Eureka Company
Cinch Art Space

You can also email me anytime at If you’ve been waiting to make a custom order, now is a great time!

Monthly Video
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