State of the Clay – August/September 2018 – A Long-Delayed Update

The Artist

Summer always seems to get away from me more quickly than I’d like. The draft of this post was started in the beginning of August, but crafting and shows took their toll on my time, and I find myself finishing it at the end of September. After a long, hot summer in the tent, I’m very glad to be headed in to fall and indoors for the remainder of this years shows.

The Art

Fall also means the end of my glitter season. As the leaves begin to change, they lose their pliability, and impressions become impossible to make in the clay. With the last few pieces I experimented with the application of the mica powders, tapping them off the brush to create a spattering effect.


With the glitter behind me, I’m focused now on commissions. This lovely great dane and her tiny bed have already headed to her new home, as well as this replica of a favorite stuffed animal.

My commission list is already growing, so if you’re interested in your own piece, contact me at You can find more information on custom work at

The Shows

This summer’s been a good one for shows, but it’s always a bit of a relief to put the tent away for the year. My theatre season has also begun, so my next show – the Lafayette Apple Festival – will be run by my husband, and booth assistant Rosie. They’ll have plenty of sparkle and critters for you all, including a new line of fall-themed magnets.


Monthly Video

Another final technique I tried with the mica leaf process was inspired by ferns I collected. Their shapes so reminded me of evergreen trees that it felt only natural to use them and some ginko to create a little landscape.