State of the Clay – July 2018 – Busy, busy, busy!

Happy July! Syracuse has been “enjoying” a period of incredibly hot weather, the result of which is me hiding in the air conditioning, working with somewhat melty clay. Ah, the joys of summer!

The Artist

In spite of all that’s been going on, I’ve managed to keep my sanity this month! I finished my first triathlon and had an amazingly good time, not something I’m used to associating with exercise. There will be more races in the future, but logic dictates I take a break and not schedule even more things for the rest of the year; the calendar’s entirely too full as it is.

The artist in her extremely fashionable tri outfit

The studio, having long languished under a perpetual layer of supplies, clay, and glitter, has finally been cleaned and is ready for work – just in time for vacation! I’ll be leaving with my family on Friday the 6th for some much-needed break time in New Hampshire. Emails and orders submitted during this time will be answered when I return on July 16th.

The Art

Though glitter is still the primary focus, I’ve been taking breaks from the sparkle for some fun sculpture as well. My sea monster and robot supply was depleted (more about that later) and is now in need of a restock. Do you have an idea for a robot pose or situation you’d like to share?

I also have a few custom pieces I’m putting together, but they’re not quite ready for the camera, and customers always get to see the pictures first, so you’ll have to wait for those!

The Shows

The main focus over the pat few weeks has been shows and shops. CAVAC was definitely one of the sweatiest show’s I’ve attended. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and to my new booth helper, Rosie! You’ll see her at upcoming shows.

The last weekend in July is the Canadaigua Lakefront Arts Show. This show has my favorite booth site, and I can’t wait to set up shop on that lakefront again!

This is the view from my tent. Gorgeous!

I’ve been accepted as an artist to two new shops, Finger Lakes Artisans in Victor, NY and Rusty and Jewel in Owego, NY. Finger Lakes is selling my robots, sea monsters, and other sculptural work. Rusty and Jewel will feature mica leaf pendants. It’s a great opportunity to get my artwork out in the world and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’re a fan and close to these stores, check them out!

Monthly Video

I wish I’d taken a picture of the rig I used to film this; it was truly my crowning DIY moment. I’ve still got a ways to go in terms of proper filming, but it’s fun to try out something new!


All right, you all behave yourselves while I’m gone!

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  1. Great job at the triathlon!
    I can’t wait to see more robots! Ever think of a NASA space themed one? Maybe he’s assembled from little vintage rocket parts! Or maybe he’s repairing a space shuttle by giving it his mechanical “heart”!

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