State of the Clay – June 2018 – A blog post? Inconceivable!

Hi followers! Yes, you read that right, the blog is back! Considering how well my previous attempts to update on a weekly/biweekly/whatever basis went, I’m switching to a monthly post called The State of the Clay, to keep you updated on the latest goings-on in my World of Clay™. Let’s get started!

The Artist

Boy oh boy, am I overwhelmed at the moment! We moved house at the beginning of May, and it’s been mildly exhausting, to say the least. On the plus side, I have a wonderful new studio, with huge windows looking out at trees and grass and birds and chipmunks!

Raise a glass to the new studio – it will never be this clean again!

On the minus side, we still own our old home and are fixing it up for sale, so between painting there and unloading boxes here I’m swamped. Oh, I also decided to train for a sprint triathalon, because the only modes I have are (a) do nothing, and (b) do everything.

The Art

Spring has sprung, and we’re in full mica leaf production, meaning I spend a lot of time wandering the neighborhood, covered in glitter and staring at the ground looking for the tiniest leaves I can find. My full supply of necklaces and earrings have to be made within the next few weeks, so all other projects have been put aside in favor of sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle.

Using strawberry, oxalis and clover to make sparkling miniature marvels!

This year I’m also debuting mica leaf coasters! My resin ornaments from the holidays were so often mistaken for coasters that I decided it would make a good addition. They’re finished with bar resin for heat and scratch resistance.

Your drinks deserve some sparkle, too!

My leaves are so popular I’ve been brainstorming ideas for other products – maybe jewelry boxes? If you’ve got an idea, let me know, I’d love to hear it!

The Shows

We’ve just returned from Fairport Canal Days; if you’re following us now as a result, welcome! I had a blast and met a lot of lovely customers and artists. I’ll be sending emails to those who requested commissions soon. The shop is a bit out of date, photography having taken a back seat in this crazy time, so if you’re looking for something specific in the shop and can’t find it, send me an email or Facebook message.

Our next show is the CAVAC Arts and Crafts Fair June 30-July 1. The Lorenzo Historic Site is a beautiful location, and we’re excited to get the tent up there again!


Monthly Video

I’d like to try sharing a monthly timelapse video so that you can see what it’s like for me to put things together. To start, here’s a quick one of me making a robot’s head. As you can see, I almost never measure when I can just wing it.


Now I am off to bike – or run or swim, it’s hard to remember what I’m doing on any given day – and look for more miniature leaves. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in July!