In like a lion and…back out like a lion again!

For a few brief moments, it was as though spring had come early to central New York, only for us to be buried in snow today. Oh, well. It’ll be back.

What’s going on with Eclectic Clay?

We have an Instagram account! You can follow @eclecticclay for all sorts of photos. Presently I’m participating in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge, answering a different prompt in picture form for the entire month of March. I have yet to miss a day, so hopefully we can keep that up!

Bots are all up in the store! I’m always adding new ones, so if there’s a pose or props you’d like to see just drop me a line. I’ve got a few more circuit hearts premade so there should be a few new ones before long.

Potted plant pendants are also up in the shop! I’ve got a few succulents and bonsai trees, and am hoping to add more before long.

Skate jewelry – both necklaces and earrings – will be available for purchase at Assault City Roller Derby’s first home match of the season – the 5th Annual Women’s History Month Bout! I’ve made skates in the colors of both teams – red for ACRD, green and purple for B.C. Rollers‘ Parlor City Tricks – and they will be sold at the Syracuse Skate Gang table by my friend Havoc Baldwin. You’ll also be able to see the special DerbyBot I made for the match! binary saBOTage is not for sale, but keep your eyes peeled for a special promotion!

We’re coming up on our first show of the season, the Spring Craft Fair by Fifty-one Events in Alexandria Bay, NY. I’ll have new product and new displays to show off, so stop on by if you can! Keep checking the site for more updates as we receive acceptances to shows; I’m aiming for  two a month this year!

I’ve been struggling a bit with what to post on this blog, so it seems like a good time to ask for suggestions. What would you like to see on this blog? Finished products? Tutorials? Q&A’s? Contact me and let me know!

Finally, I am about to head in to two weeks of theatre work, so expect posts beyond #marchmeetthemaker to be a bit sparse. I will be keeping up with messages and orders, but my communication will overall be slower, so please be patient!