Circuit Boards and Mica Shift

From January through March, it can be a bit slow in the craft business. The major holidays are over and the weather is generally grey, making it a great time to hole up in your studio and try out something new!
I’ve been knocking around The Blue Bottle Tree again in search of inspiration and decided to revisit a tutorial I’d downloaded but never used – the mica shift tutorial found at the end of their guide to sanding and buffing. As I’ve begin to notice a pattern in my work – things are generally either cute or shiny – a technique that took advantage of sparkly clay seemed perfect, so I purchased a few texture sheets and tried it out:

Shiny, yet somehow boring…

The results were all….nice, but nothing that really grabbed me artistically, until my husband compared the grey piece to a circuit board.

One online order later I had the stamp that I wanted, and set right to work:

After baking, sanding, and polishing, I was ready for the next step:

…which was, of course, to build a robot.

For a friend’s wedding several years ago, I made a cake topper with the bride and groom as robots.

This has always been one of my favorite designs, and I’ve used it as a magnet and pin. It’s been my goal this year, however, to make more small sculptures, so marrying this design with the mica shift circuit boards seemed perfect.

It took a fair bit of tinkering, and a change in wire type (for easier coiling), but the end result looked pretty good!

Until I realized the legs, being unsupported internally, would wobble and bend.

Whoops. Poor guy.

Not all experiments can be successful the first time around, and I’ll be able to build a steadier bot the next time around. All the same, I feel bad for this guy; through no fault of his own he’s left wobbly and faceless. Time to give him a home! Leave a comment on this blog post with an idea for his facial expression and what he would be holding. I’ll randomly draw a name on Monday the 30th, finish the bot to those specifications, and send him off to you!

I’ll leave you all with a jewelry set I couldn’t help developing with my many sheets of circuit board clay:


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  1. late to the party, but ideas because i love these bots: holding an ice cream cone, an artist’s palette and beret, a grad cap and gown, a gardener bot planting flowers, roller skating bot…, you could make these forever šŸ™‚

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