Halloween Treat Geek Grab-Bag

Happy discount candy day, everyone! Here at Eclectic Clay we’re diving right in to November, which means holiday prep! The shop has been updated with my full inventory of product for all of your holiday shopping needs, and if you’re thinking about a holiday commission, don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’m extending the deadline for guaranteed holiday delivery to Thanksgiving day, November 24th. You can also approach me at any of my upcoming shows; this Friday I will be at the Geneva Night Out at Studio Salon from 5-8pm.

So, what on earth have I been doing in my long absence? Costumes, of course! My enthusiasm for Halloween only grows the older I get, and I use this time of year to fulfill my cosplaying dreams. With a little break between shows, I decided to go all out this year in a homage to one of my new movie favorites:

Oooh, glowy!

Is that a proton pack? Yes, it is. Did I make four for my friends and me? Yes, I did. Am I bad at taking time off from work? Yes, I am.

New toys!
New toys!

These packs are made of foam core board, strainers, battery operated LEDs, a little clay, jewelry boxes, screws, telephone wire, silver paint and an intensely huge amount of hot glue. I mounted them on back packs in hopes of reusing them again in the future at conventions.

img_1019 img_1020

A rare artist sighting – I am the second Ghostbuster to the left. Yes, I also made the jumpsuits. Perhaps I took my role as Holtzmann too seriously?

I’ve also gotten a few commissions done while on “break”, including some wedding ornaments:img_1410 img_1411The bottom ornament is a long-overdue piece for my husband and me.

This cake topper was sent along to the couple this summer, so I am horribly late posting this photo:img_0150Really, who doesn’t love Star Wars?

I’ll be putting some effort in to more complicated art pieces, and should have photos for you of those as well as holiday commissions soon. I hope you all enjoy raiding your child’s candy bucket as much as I do!