How to make aquarium pendants – a step-by-step guide of frustration

  1. Select shells collected during the previous summer from Jones Beach, Long Island. Clean carefully to eliminate sand.IMG_0840
  2. Paint interior of the shell and cover any holes with tape.
  3. Make tiny fish out of clay. Curse where necessary when adding on their excruciatingly small fins. Paint fish to desired specifications.
  4. Set fish on tinfoil to keep level. Take deep breaths.
  5. Get out casting resin. Read instructions.IMG_0846
  6. Mix first batch by weight, not volume. Discard.
  7. Remix by volume. Stare at medicine cup and wonder what a “dram” is.IMG_0851
  8. Mix resin. Pour in to prepared sea shells. Tip shells back and forth when foil props prove uneven.IMG_0847
  9. Discard leaky shell, which has spilled resin everywhere and ruined your clay. Try not to sob.IMG_0848
  10. Wait 24 hours. DO NOT TOUCH. REALLY. STOP IT.
  11. Create even tinier accent pieces for the surface of the aquariums. Wonder why the heck you are doing this. Possibly sob more. Apply with epoxy when baked.IMG_0860
  12. Drill holes for pinch bails. Attach with more epoxy.IMG_0861
  13. Admire results, forget previous hours of stress, make more.

    These lovely little critters will be available this weekend at the Cazenovia Arts and Crafts Fair at the Lorenzo Historic Site in Cazenovia, NY. Stop by for a visit and give them a good home!