Commissions Roundup

I’m taking a break from a frustrating project – clear cast resin is nasty stuff, folks – and figured it was a good time to show off some of my latest commissions. They’ve all been sent off to their respective recipients, meaning there are no surprises to spoil.

We’re entering wedding season, and the requests for ornaments have been rolling in:


This lucky couple got three – a traditional round with the bride and groom…

I was told to emphasize their height difference.

…and two somewhat odder ornaments.

The bride loves manatees, and the groom is a Harry Potter fan, specifically Ravenclaw.

A more traditional roller skate for a graduation present:


These robots started out their lives as a cake topper for a wedding, and have since become pins, magnets, and now a necklace!


Cursed motion blur! I am forever working on improving my product photography.

That’sd all for the moment. My apologies for the short posts lately; the back to back shows do not leave me with a lot of time for curating my online presence. I’m hoping for a long post showing the step-by-step process I’m using for my current project (see above statement regarding resin), so look for that next time!