Good afternoon, followers! The next few weeks are going to be quite busy here. Many of you know about my theatrical day job, and I am about to head in to a two week show run, which will eat up the time usually spent on updating my business pages. Before I temporarily disappear, I wanted to give you all a quick informational update on how things are proceeding.

Eclectic Clay has been accepted to six craft fairs for the summer! Check out the sidebar menu for more details and a link to the show sites. This month, we will be at the Gooseberry Trash and Treasure Sale in Clay, NY on April 30th, which promises not only tons of vendors but food, dancing, painting, and a goat parade.  I’ve even got a few special pieces just for this show:


Derby skate earrings are now available in the Etsy shop in a variety of color choices:

…and more colors can be added!

Finally, I’ve been a bit dissatisfied with my current internet presence, particularly as I recently learned my main method of news updates may have been failing to reach everyone. My tech wizard is working on some solutions to make things a bit easier for both you and me. We’re hoping to integrate this blog with the main site, do a little face lift to make it easier to get at my product gallery, and maybe even set up a mailing list. I’ll keep you posted on that as things proceed.

All right, it’s off to the theatre with me! See you soon!