Spring has sprung (in my studio)!

True to the elementary school phrase of March coming in like a lion, it is snowing today in Central New York. However, my first show of the year on March 19th is the Lioness Club of Central Square’s Bunny Hop Craft and Vendor Show, so I’ve been working on a suitably springy product line.  Primary focus of the week – Easter eggs!

I have been eager to try some clay inclusion techniques, and used Sue Heaser’s tutorial from The Polymer Clay Techniques Book to make these mokume gane eggs. It’s a complicated process, layering up paper-think sheets of translucent clay with gold leaf in imitation of a Japanese metalworking technique, but makes for some stunning effects.

I’m reminded of space – swirling galaxies and planets!

Each egg is, at its base, a real chicken egg, hollowed out, covered in colored clay and thin shavings from the translucent/gold brick. After baking, they are sanded, then polished with a buffing pad on a high-speed drill.

This was my final egg – definitely one of my favorites.

I originally intended to varnish the finished pieces, but the satin sheen the buffing produced was so attractive I left them as-is. Following a family tradition, I’ve strung them up as ornaments for an egg tree, but left the wire loose so it can be removed if the buyer chooses a different display.

I’ll have a few of these up in the Etsy shop, but the majority will be saved for the show. Any leftovers will be put on Etsy in the week leading up to Easter, so keep an eye out of a particular color caught your eye.