Let’s make some bunny earrings!

With only two days left until the Bunny Hop Craft and Vendor Show, I have been churning out as much spring merchandise as possible. Up until I started this business, I never made much more thank Christmas ornaments, under the misguided belief that polymer clay wasn’t suited for anything beyond that. Poor, poor past Nina. She missed out on so much.

I’ve developed a particular fondness for earrings. My personal dislike of heavy jewelry has led me to do more work at a small scale, which can be equal parts fascinating and frustrating. I knew I wanted some springy jewelry for the show, and therefore decided I would make some bunny earrings. Let’s take a look!

First, I roll out white clay in to 5/8″ balls, tapering them slightly to look like mini Easter eggs:

Neat little rows!
Next, I add ears and the head pins, which will be looped around to create a hanging point:

Feet and eyes are next, and then it’s in to the oven with the bunnies!

I have a dedicated clay oven in my upstairs studio that will accommodate most small pieces. The thermometer guarantees the oven remains at 275 degrees, while the little tinfoil hat keep the clay from inadvertently toasting under the heat elements.  I bake all of my pieces for a minimum of an hour. Special thanks is due to The Blue Bottle Tree for re-educating me in the art of clay baking – check it out for a vast source of information on working with polymer clay.

The semi-finished result:

So cute, yet so alien…
A little bit of paint makes them more bunny-like:

I love tiny toes!
I usually add a spacer bead at the top of my earrings to keep my looping tool from scratching the surface, but the rabbits required three to keep me from snapping their ears off – this was, unfortunately for a few pairs, learned the hard way.

At last, the adorable end result!


I loved these so much I made an extra pair to wear for the show.

The egg shape also proved adaptable to other forms:

A few pairs will be up for sale today in my Etsy store, but most will only be available (initially) at the show on Saturday. I hope to see many of you there, and as a final enticement, I give you my big show piece, a music box which plays “Easter Parade”: