Custom Earrings (Warning, contains organs!)

Whew, this week is lining up to be lacking on projects! Between unexpected theatre work and out-of-town trips, I will not have a whole lot of time for crafting. Fortunately, that was not the case last week.

My tiny, pudgy animal earrings are a popular seller, and it’s rare for me to get through a show without a request for something else, from frogs to fish to flies. This past week I received three direct custom orders for earrings, running the gamut from typical to highly, highly unusual.

Let’s start the post off right with the strangest request ever – uterus earrings!

Hooray, internal organs!

Requested as a gift for an employee of planned parenthood, these are without a doubt the strangest thing I’ve ever made.  Gotta love the dangling ovaries, though.

Remember the flies I mentioned above?


I met this customer at a holiday fair last December, and she contacted me recently to reiterate her request for fly earrings.  I decided to use little crystals for the eyes to mimic the faceted look of a fly’s eye.

Something a bit more standard for the next request:

Customizing a set of earrings to match pets is something I’ve never done before, and it can be hard to get the right level of detail at that small a scale.  Bumping up the earring size helped a great deal, but I still need to work on my fluff techniques.

Finally, a set of earrings I made for myself in anticipation of attending a roller derby match:

Tiny derby skates!

Can I tell you how pleased I am with these earrings?  I am SO PLEASED with these earrings.  You will definitely be seeing these in the store as soon as I have time to produce more.

All right, I hope there won’t be too much radio silence over the course of the next two weeks!  Keep an eye on the site; I’m hoping to add a list of craft fairs I’ll be attending to the sidebar.