Adventures in Wood Burning

Happy Wednesday, and apologies for the blog silence! A big commission came along and ate up most of my work time, particularly in the clean-the-workspace sense. Now that I’ve found all my tool again under the layer of sawdust, it’s time to show you what I made!

Kelsey Ball, owner of Peaks Coffee Co., recently acquired a new wholesale client and requested a custom wood burned sign to advertise her caffeinated wares. The board she supplied was made of an old pine pallet crate, perfectly matched to her company’s rustic aesthetic.

The board at the bottom is for her company slogan – “Life is about enjoying the peaks and enduring the valleys.”

A quick hop to the store for a large format printout and I was ready to transfer the logo for burning:

This is where I discovered that pine, for all that it is soft, can be difficult to burn, especially with a rough board.

Dremel tool to the rescue! *carving montage*

Carving before burning provided the lines I was looking for and, though more time consuming, worked out nicely:

Main sign complete!

On to the quote board!

After burning out that large board, the smaller text was a breeze, and the sign was ready for delivery (the quote board will ultimately hang from the main sign):

Bonus: my work space still smells like freshly burned pine.

I am very clearly a faster worker when it comes to clay, but wood burning is very satisfying in its own right. Now, how to combine the two…