2015 Holiday Commissions – Maps, Marriage, and Music Boxes

It’s been a busy week of housekeeping – cleaning my work space, planning for shows, brainstorming new projects – so I haven’t had a lot of time for new work yet. I did knock out a few pairs of candy heart earrings for Valentine’s day, and in the spirit of inclusiveness made some both for and against:

The skulls are already proving to be extremely popular.

A slow week does give me a chance to finish up the review of my holiday commissions work.  On we go!

This 4″ Leo Belgicus map probably took the longest to complete (next to my goofy mishap with the cat tree). All of the detailing is hand-painted; not necessarily my strongest area, but with practice I am improving. The original map contained quite a few details, but they didn’t read well at the scale, so I took some artistic liberties and simplified a bit.


For those in the back crying That isn’t clay!, please allow an artist an occasion change for her standard medium. I purchased a wood burning tool on a whim a few years ago for a personal project and am always looking for an excuse to use it again.  It works especially well for compass roses.


This newlywed ornament for a member of the Coast Guard and his bride has already gotten a lot of great feedback, and I hope I get to make more this season.

Finally, I have a piece that was made not as a commissions, but as a gift for a friend:


Music boxes are, hands down, one of my favorite things to make, and this one is the best I’ve done so far. I MAY have melted the bride figure on my first try, and it MAY have taken way, way longer than it should have – that my family even knew me after days of isolation was a surprise – but the results are so good I am willing to forgive a little lost sanity.

That sums up my 2015 commissions review! I’ve got a lot of projects in my head, so hopefully my next post will see a few of them transition to reality.