100 Days of Dogs

On April 3rd, 2018, Nina set herself a 100 Days of Dogs challenge as part of The 100 Day Project . The challenge is to create a new dog sculpture/ornament every day for 100 straight days, or as close as possible. She is cycling through the alphabet of dog breeds, making one for each letter.

Nina sculpts each dog by hand from polymer clay. Details such as the eyes, mouth, and distinctive coloring are hand-painted. Each dog stands 1 ½” to 2 ½” tall, depending on the breed. A small loop on the back allows the figure to be hung as an ornament (e.g. on a Christmas tree). They can also stand on a shelf or other flat surface for display.

Each dog is a unique original work by Nina Kalinkos. It can be purchased for $40.00 USD plus shipping (and tax for NYS residents). Click on any dog in the gallery below to link to its product page. If a dog you are interested in has already been sold, or you are looking for a specific dog or breed, you can also commission a Custom Pet Ornament. Custom ornaments are $60.00 USD and are customized to your own dog’s reference photos. You can also specify additional accessories like a favorite toy, collar, or other personalization.